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One of the greatest 212 cabinets ever produced.

Sound City® cabinets have everything we love about vintage speaker cabinets, with innovation and evolution, making them the most responsive and expressive speaker cabinets available.  The low-end it is tight and authoritative.  The mids are articulate and musical.  The high-end is clear and smooth.

The classic styling with original Sound City® vinyl, white piping, vintage custom reproduction grill cloth and custom-made plexi name plate make them some of the most handsome cabinets ever made.

The SC212 has rear mounted Sound City® Power speakers, that are custom made by Fane® in the U.K.  The back panel is vented, providing a pleasing omni-directional low end.

The SC212 utilizes the Steve Fryette designed V-Brace technology, replacing a traditional and antiquated baffle-support post.  This provides just the right amount of baffle flex and tuning to result in a very interactive and responsive playing experience.

All Sound City® cabinets are made in the USA using the finest baltic birch plywood available.


  • 2 x 12" Custom 70W Sound City® Power Speakers, Made in the U.K. by Fane®.
  • Power Handling: 140 Watts, 8
  • Plug-in casters included
  • Actual Dimensions: W 29-3/4" X H 21" X D 14" (75.5 cm X 53 cm X 35.5 cm)
  • Weight: 63 lbs (28.5 kg)
  • Shipping Dimensions: 34 X 22 X 18 (86 X 56 X 46)
  • Shipping Weight: 68 (31)
Your Price: $995.00

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